Umami Omakase & Sake Bar

Chef Gary Lei

Chef Gary Lei hails from Tony Messina and Ken Oringer’s Uni, arguably home to the Back Bay’s finest sushi. Chef Lei's mission is to give the customers a more traditional omakase vibe, an experience where the customer sits at the sushi bar by the chef as he prepares exquisite sushi dishes.

Chef Tasting Dinner Menu

Umami Omakase 18 Courses

Soup - Assorted Sashimi Plates - Assorted Sushi - Toro - Japanese Fish - Caviar - Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef - Foie Gras - Truffle - Kitchen Specials - Hand Roll - Umami Dessert

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
$168 per person
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Holiday
$178 per person
Chef Recommended Sake Pairing Set Of 3
Chef Recommended Sake Pairing Set Of 4
Chef Recommended Sake Pairing Set Of 5

* 13% Kitchen Appreciation Fee will be added to your bill before tax, this charge goes to support the wages of our chefs, kitchen staff and managers due to Omakase style dining experience. This is not a gratuity. Please tip our servers according to the service.
* All items are subject to change based on daily availability.
* We use Japanese rice for SUSHI RICE, our dishes contain Japanese fishes and ingredients.
* Please inform us ahead of time if anyone in your party has any food allergies.
* Consuming raw or undercooked foods may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Chef Gary Lei (ex-Uni) serves up impeccably fresh, enticing exotica from distant oceans as well as superb local species. His knife-work is exacting, his rice-seasoning game on point, his flavors galloping from insistent simplicity to fascinating complexity.

Only open since late 2019, Umami Omakase is a fairly new addition to the Boston area’s high-end omakase scene, but the young spot has been wowing diners since day one. Uni alum Gary Lei is at the helm, and plenty of luxury ingredients come out to play, from wagyu to foie gras.

Boston Eater

Luxurious fish. Personalized service. A well-meaning owner who is so very eager to please. This is a rare find, a lovely way to spend an hour or two if you have the time and the budget. Hopefully the neighborhood agrees.

The Boston Globe

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Open: 09:00 am – 01:00 pm